As an entrepreneur of over 25 years, most of which I also maintained a number of day jobs where I gained different management skills, I realized, at its core, having or managing a business is all about problem-solving. Although that may be common knowledge in the business world, what may not be common knowledge is that the manager doesn’t always have to have the solution, they only have to be able to deliver it.

Although my title was unofficial, I played my first management role at the early age of 18. What I’ve learned from holding multiple management positions since then is that you have to be resourceful. With that in mind, I created LA BizGuy because not everyone is a master networker or experienced researcher which are two skills that can be vital to the growth of your business. If you’re working for yourself, it’s imperative that you have access to the necessary resources to operate efficiently. Unlike a day job where most resources are provided for you, you’re going to have to identify and obtain them yourself.

LA BizGuy is a vault of all the resources and relationships I’ve developed along my 25-year journey all in one location. What’s more, this compilation includes an entire network of key service providers and an extensive Rolodex of credible entrepreneurs and the experience that comes with them.

My ultimate goal is to release these valuable resources to all the aspiring entrepreneurs who have the task of going it alone. I truly believe with our incredible database and our expert team of researchers, there’s nothing beyond your reach to better run your small business and grow beyond expectations.