As an entrepreneur of over 25 years, most of which I also maintained a number of day jobs where I gained different management skills, I realized, at its core, having or managing a business is all about problem solving. Although that may be common knowledge in the business world, what may not be common knowledge is that the manager doesn’t always have to have the solution, they only have to be able to deliver it.

I created LA BizGuy because, unfortunately, not everyone is a master networker, experienced researcher or even a social butterfly for that matter, and if you’re working for yourself, you may not have all those resources at your fingertips as you would on a day job where they’re provided for you. If you don’t have the solution within your own faculties, the ability to contact and depend on those who do could help you tremendously. If this is you, then perhaps you possess one or more of the following resources or skills; call, text or email. As long as you have access to any one of those, and I’m confident that you do, you’re just as capable of solving any problem as anyone on the planet. Now all you need to know is where to find those resources and how to reach them.

LA BizGuy is a vault of all the resources and relationships I’ve developed and nurtured in the Los Angeles area over the past 25 years. During those years it’s been quite a journey working with different types of companies and small business owners in different industries. What’s more, this compilation includes an entire network of entrepreneurs at every level from the local small business community to business leaders and influencers from around the world and the connections and experiences that come with them. It is these relationships that has carried my entrepreneurship for over two decades and has empowered me to help other companies big and small in numerous ways.

My ultimate goal is to share all my information and resources with anyone and everyone while continuing to gather even more through our growing network. I truly believe with our existing database and our expert team of researchers, there’s nothing beyond your reach to better run your small business more efficiently and ultimately grow beyond expectations.